One sunny day, back in 2011, Phillip Mills was sitting outside "Mike's Barber Shop" in beautiful West Petaluma, pickin' on his Dobro when Peter Rochelle happened to drive by. Peter, a superior bassist of the highest caliber, hyper creative & unsatisfied with previous projects, was immediately captivated by the sight of such an astonishingly beautiful man and the melodious sound of his whiskey soaked, chain smoked, unpretentious but powerful pipes. They both knew then that it was by Divine Appointment they should meet, collaborate & begin to build the musically militant & merciless, well-oiled war machine that is now celebrated by the citizenry, feared by the forces of evil & known to all as "Arizona & The Volunteers".

The Herculean Power Plant needed to move such an incredibly massive machine was supplied by Jeff Piehl. He had calloused hands and the thousand yard stare. A battle tested veteran, salty and possessing the skill and hardware to get us moving forward. With a few turns of a tuning key and the pop of a snare, the sound of pounding pistons & the sweet smell of high octane fuel catching fire filled the air and we were soon roaring toward the enemy lines.

Solid and Swift as we were, we lacked sufficient artillery & ammunition. There was plenty of six gun slingers & soloist sharp shooters in our ranks to choose from, but only heavy cannon would suffice for the intense battles that awaited us. The call to arms was answered by long time bay area legend, Jody Counter. A master song smith and undefeated in every head cutting competition, his relentless, rapid fire bombardment can level the strongest fortifications, reducing them to dust in the 1st set.

Well supplied and armed to the teeth we began a campaign of ruthless terror against the enemies of Peace, Freedom & Rock 'n' Roll all around this Big ol' Bay, leaving behind us such a wide swath of destruction it makes Sherman's march from Atlanta to the sea look like a lazy Sunday stroll. To all those who are oppressed, afflicted, falsely accused, discouraged, beaten down, rejected, sad, lonely, lost and alone; I declare to you that The Blues is on your side. The enemy can run but can't hide. Take heart! To Arms! Arizona & The Volunteers are coming to your town to lay siege to every stronghold and burn it down.