The Goo from Arizona & the Volunteers!

Poofed' the whistling gas out of  the guts of at the Old Western Saloon! last Friday.
Ain't no town around these parts get as soft and understated as Pt. Reyes!
Gonna have to really release some energy at the next one. Oh Yeah
And that will be at the North Beach Festival
Poster wild west
We had a blast burning down the house with our friends and fellow soldiers, Hillbilly Strike Force last night! Special thanks to Rosie and everyone at Mack's in Penngrove. Ya'll definitely brought out the best in us. I'm so glad we formed a strong alliance with Hillbilly Strike Force. I was beginning to think we were the last unrepentant rebel rockers around. AZ&V + HSF are coming to your town to lay siege to every strong hold and burn it down... 
Azvol macks
Thanks to all of you crazy mofo's who came out and rocked the house down with us at Twin Oaks! 
Philip and jody

Happy Spring to our crazy rockers!!  Next, Arizona & the Volunteers will ride just across town to new Twin Oaks Tavern for a Guns a-blazin', Police Tazin', Hell Razin', Awesome & Amazin' Rock & Roll Show! Saddle Up! 

Photos courtesy of Philip Pavliger

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